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Inner Armour Casein AAE 2 Lbs. Chocolate
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June 28th, 2013
Advanced Slow Releasing Muscle Protecting Protein

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User Review #7
by DjOnEChuck on May 18th, 2013 at 4:38 PM CDT
First I would like to thank ericdose for sending me a 2lbs tubs of Vanilla Casein from Inner Armour. I won it in the weekly give up they have. Sorry for taking that much time, I wanted to try different things with it before posting a review. By the way, it was my first time having some Casein powder. I have use different protein powders before (whey, blend, soy and plant-based) so I was able to compare. Here are the differents things I try with the IA Casein. 1- Regular shake. The first shake I made was with water and milk (half and half). I was in a rush and I put more liquid than what IA suggest. The vanilla flavour was still there but light. I could tell that it was nice and I still like it. It was thick but not as much as I would expect, but I put it on the fact that I had put too much liquid. The second time I put 6oz of liquid (3oz almond milk and 3oz milk) and wow ! That was waaayyy better, very think, nice vanilla flavour, not too strong. We all know that Casein is a slow digesting protein, I donít believe in the fact that you need a Casein shake before bed to not go catabolic and lose all your gains. But I saw a difference in the satiety. Usually with a whey shake, I get hungry between an hour to an hour and a half. It wasnít the case with Casein, it kept me full for a longer period, around 2 hours and a half. The powder mixes really well, no clumping (not a surprise for me, I had a lot of Nitro-Peak before and never saw clump in). 2- Protein pudding I just mixed casein protein powder (half a scoop) with a no sugar added huntís pudding with PB2 and cinnamon. It tasted great, great dessert to reach my protein goal for the day. I had it a couple of times since. 3- Protein oatmeal I love adding protein powder and pumpkin puree to my oatmeal. I used to put whey protein in it but last week, I had oatmeal 2 times and instead of putting a full scoop of whey in. I used half a scoop of Sci-Fit Prota-lyn and half a scoop of IA Casein, it was tasty, I liked it and I will do it again next week. 4- Protein bar I made some protein bar, very basic recipe (oatmeal, flax seed, protein powder, peanut butter, sweetner and some almond milk). Same thing as my morning oatmeal, I usually use only whey protein but this time I use half whey and half casein. Result was great, I had to use a bit more almond milk, casein powder is thicker that whey and I saw the difference. I still have 2/3 of the recipe in my freeze. Great breakfast (with a piece of fruit and greek yogourt) or snack. Great product, I recommand it and I wonít have any problem buying a tub in the future. I might try the chocolate flavour soon.
User Review #6
by Freshspinach on January 20th, 2013 at 2:05 AM CST
This casein is my favorite, tastes awesome with skimmilk. Has everything in it for sleep time recovery. Only complaint is wish it came in bigger tub.
User Review #5
by Grifts on January 1st, 2013 at 7:22 AM CST
Tastes great, mixes well. Has a touch of creatine in it. Low carbs, and a bit of fiber. Extra Amino Acids, just because. All at a great price, and a great team behind it.
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